BuFFalo Gypsies
     Celebrating the untamable soul


.Buffalo Gypsies is founded by veteran jewelry designer Jona Bonecutter

"Buffalo Gypsies comes from my family story of 4 generations of "Traders", traders was a term used for folks, like my family, who had Trading Post on Native American Reservations, and who traded goods and necessities to the Native Americans for their art and livestock.

My great grandmother began trading when her husband cheated and she took off to forge a solo life in New Mexico, in an old Cadillac, with a Bible and a German Luger pistol by her side.

When she opened the first Trading Post she slept in the back and continued to travel to remote reservations."
"My Grandparents trading post, which came later, was opened on Route 66. They had buffalo to trade for goods and for attracting tourist, the words Buffalo Gypsies are a symbol of my families life, moxy, courage, and savvy business ways that they in turn passed down through four generations of my wild wonderful family,
who are still Traders today."