About Buffalo Gypsies
Jewelry for the woman with an untamable soul


 Buffalo Gypsies was founded by veteran jewelry designer Jona Bonecutter

"Buffalo Gypsies comes from my family story of 4 generations of Traders, Traders was a term used for folks like my family who
had Trading Post on and around Native American Reservations, and who traded goods and necessities to the Natives for their art. 

My great grandmother began trading when her husband cheated and she took off to forge a solo life.
 Loving the Native American art she saw, she filled up her Cadillac with as much as would fit, armed with a Bible and a German Luger 
pistol by her side, she sold to shops along Route 66.  When she opened her first Trading Post, she slept in the back and continued to travel
 to remote reservations. My families trading post which came later was opened on Route 66 as well,  they had Buffalo for trading and attracting tourist,
 the words Buffalo Gypsies are a symbol of my great grandmothers life, moxy, courage, and savvy business ways, that she in turn passed down
 through four generations of my wild, wonderful family who are still Traders today."

Buffalo Gypsies designs are expressions of a love and appreciation
of old western & bohemian style, crafted by artist who live this way
 and we're making it available to everyone who's Soul resonates with it.

  All our concho belts and buckles begin with hand cut hand stamped sterling silver, they are cast in
 solid sterling silver. Each concho or buckle is then hand worked through a long artistic process to bring the finish to
 an antique patina that gives the belt the look of a fine collectors piece. All the stunning look, half the price.
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